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There has been much excitement following Audi’s first ever appearance at SEMA, with show goers anticipating great things from the German marque. They failed to disappoint by unveiling a very cool wireless charging system.

Everybody hates annoying wires in their daily lives, especially in their cars. How many times have you had your phone plugged into the lighter socket and it rang. You answer it and realize the cord isn’t long enough to reach your ear. It may seem inconsequential, but we assure you that it is both annoying and impractical.

Audi Electronics Research Lab have, in collaboration with Qualcomm Incorporated and Peiker, developed a very effective solution to charging your mobile device while on the move. The technology works using a single connection that ensures the device is also close at hand. Arguably its best attribute is that it still maintains both Bluetooth and Wireless abilities while connected, meaning you can still surf the net or transfer data all while the device is charging. The system will be available as an option in their vehicles next year.

The wireless charger is another example of how Audi is enhancing its customer convenience through innovation in electronics and connectivity, said David Tait, Audi of America lead After Sales executive. "The Audi experience is one that continues to evolve, even as owners discover new ways to enjoy their vehicle and integrate its benefits into their lifestyle. We’re very pleased to introduce one more example of that with the hassle-free, wireless charger," said Tait.

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2010 Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak High Resolution Exterior
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The wireless charger might be all the rage currently, but Audi have other cool items on show at SEMA. Other examples include the Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak (fresh from a dramatic run up the Colorado landmark), and the hardcore Audi R8 Custom Spyder by STaSIS Engineering. The latter makes 710HP from the 5.2litre V10, thanks to a twin supercharger setup. In addition, Audi is showcasing several other vehicles serving as platforms for After Sales technologies. They feature aesthetic body modifications that make them SEMA-worthy in their own right. We will be sure to report on the A4, A5, plus the Q5 and Q7 Custom Concepts from the show.

2010 Audi R8 V10 Extreme Challenge Edition by STaSIS Engineering Exterior
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Source: Audi USA

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  (858) posted on 11.12.2010

this looks crap, its really boring the pimp my ride alloys are at ends with the interior styling direction. looks like someone did it them sleeves in the garage

  (815) posted on 11.3.2010

Even before in my opinion , Audi will always been a coolest car ever been built

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