Chevrolet has long called the Corvette “America’s Sports Car,” but that doesn’t satisfy State Represntative C. B. Embry of Kentucky. He wants the Corvette named the state’s “official sports car.” After all, they build them in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Rep. Embry has introduced legislation before the General Assembly in Kentucky to make that proposal a reality. Of course, it’s a touchy topic. Not only does GM make the Corvette in Kentucky, but Ford also makes Explorers and Super Duty pick up trucks in the state. And Toyota build Camry’s there, too. Embry responds that he’s not trying to make Corvette the state car, merely the state sports car.
Embry is enjoying himself with his proposal, and he has a point that other legislator should perhaps follow: “Everything we do is not a big earthshaking thing like healthcare or pensions. It is nice to slide in a fun thing from time to time.”
Embry, for the record, is a Republican serving his third term in the Assembly.

Source: Louisville Courier Journal

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  (132) posted on 10.11.2007

They’re just trying too hard

  (372) posted on 10.10.2007

Embry, being a Republic, makes him alright, doesn’t it Ralph? LOL.

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