Corvette ZR1 featured in Gran Turismo PSP

Corvette ZR1 featured in Gran Turismo PSP
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In today’s modern media society, it is a great honor to be on the cover of a videogame. No matter whether you are an NBA all star or an NFL rookie of the year, if you are chosen to be featured as the first thing that any video game enthusiast sees when they pick up the game, then it is a sign that they have truly made it. So now there is some very good news for American automotive enthusiasts. That is because the future Gran Turismo PSP will feature the hottest Corvette ever built: the new ZR-1. Why was it chosen over all the other sports cars in the world? According to the game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi "American cars are so full of peoples’ dreams, and that’s what makes them so great."

In a recent interview the CEO of Polyphony Digital had this to say: "This spring I visited Detroit a few times, mainly to see the factories of the Big 3, and their museums and archives. What I came to realize in those visits was that the designs and mechanisms of American cars, in all eras over the years, have always been aimed towards a bright new future that all little kids dream about, and always full of emotion.

And as you all know, the game “Gran Turismo” was a video game that was nurtured by the kindness of the automotive industry, and that’s why I wanted us to make something, that could cheer up people in the industry.

Many GM cars representative from the Autorama days have really helped build the foundations of my sense of beauty and values regarding cars, but something that has always been deep within my heart over the years is the long line of Corvettes. And the newest Corvette is the C6 ZR-1."


Source: GT Planet

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