It’s the rumor that General Motors won’t let die: will the Corvette be exported to China? America’s greatest production sports car was shown a the Shanghai Motor Show last year, and last month a spy shot caught a black one outside the Chinese government’s automotive quality and inspection department (they licenses cars for manufacturing in China.) But the Automotive News is reporting a GM spokesperson in China says there are no immediate plans to bring the sports car to China, before adding: "Never say never."

A great way to insure continued production is economies of scale: producing more cars brings down the total cost of production. The Corvette should be no exception. Unfortunately exporting in left-hand drive only has left the car a novelty in places like England and Japan. So by sending (or producing) Corvettes in China, they could utilize their power as a premium marquee - GM is seen as a high mark of quality in China. This will help General Motors save money on the manufacturing and design, and in an ideal world, that will translate into more cash for GM to invest in more great Corvettes at home like the ZR1.


Source: Automotive News China

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