Life hacks are all the rage these days as people try to find cheap and easy ways to repurpose everyday items to make life easier, and a new affordable technology could very well be the perfect hack when it comes to locating a stolen car… maybe. Tile, a Bluetooth-enabled technology that also uses a social media function to act as the ultimate lost and found, was designed to help people find lost items such as keys or briefcases, but in theory, the technology could just as easily be used to help recover a vehicle that has been stolen.

Again, since Tile actually makes no such claim of its product being able to do so, this is pure speculation, but it isn’t too hard to imagine circumstances where it might work.

The system consists of a small plastic tile, which costs anywhere from $15 to $25, that can be tracked using a Bluetooth signal through an app available for both Android and Apple devices. When an item is lost, there is a signal that allows you to track its location, and if the item happens to be out of the signal’s range, the app has a “Mark as Lost” button to alert others who have the app. Your device will show up on their phone and you will be sent the location.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, your chances of locating the lost Tile obviously improve with more users helping in the hunt, since the Bluetooth signal is limited. Thus, it would be safe to assume that crowded, urban city centers will have a better recovery rate, and the more Tile users the better.

While the idea of using Tile to recover a stolen vehicle might be a stretch, it can still be a helpful tool in finding a car if you’ve forgotten where it is parked. Doing so will at least ensure that you’ll never be the person walking aimlessly through a parking lot with their key fob in the air pressing the panic button.

Could the Tile App Find Your Stolen Car?
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