A huge part of being an automotive journalist is being able to speculate with a little accuracy. You take some facts, read between the lines, and piece together an educated guess. The folks at Trinity Animation, though they are not automotive journalists, have taken to some high-tech automotive speculation.

They have taken all of the leaked information on the C7 Corvette, which we expect to see sometime in 2013, and pieced together a pretty awesomely detailed animation of the new `Vette. The video shows a Corvette unlike any that we’ve ever seen before.

Typically, the `Vette takes more of the sports car route with its soft curves and sporty look. From this video, which is derived from various Corvette leaks, we see a more supercar-like Corvette, boasting hard-angles and a stunning fastback that screams “supercar.” The additional heat-extraction vents strewn around the `Vette’s body are a nice touch too. Oh, the Camaro-inspired taillights are also a nice touch.

The question on the tips of our tongues is, is this an accurate rendition of the 2014 Corvette? The answer to that question is most likely not, but we sure as hell hope so, because that car looks sexy!

Chevy has always been very careful when making changes to the Corvette. It took Chevy 42 years to finally axe the outdated pop-up headlights, so a significant change is really unlikely. We’ll likely see the longer fastback-style roof, but the Camaro-inspired taillights would kill the long-standing twin-circle Corvette taillight tradition. The harder body lines are long overdue, but Chevy will likely not go as extreme as most people are thinking, or hoping.

For now, we just have to wait and see what Chevy shows us as we proceed toward the 2014 model year. Until then, we’ll continue to keep an eye out for more Chevy leaks.


Source: Trinity Animation

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  (1) posted on 08.22.2012

It’s nice, but no it doesn’t...

I love this - I couldn’t resist any longer... I am a virtual supplier to GM and it’s been my privelege to have been ’custodian’ of the bodyshop Master Data Models for the new C7 Corvette since late 2010... I am bound not to say anything specific, but I can say that folks will not be disappointed in the new car... It’s a scorcher!... smiley

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