• Could this be the fastest Police Car in the World?

Brabus police car for German police.

The Essen auto show is displaying a new member of the German police force, it is a Brabus Rocket police car, top speed 362.4 kph and a tag of €348,000 ($437,000).

Could this be the fastest Police Car in the World?

A while ago it was believed that the Lamborghini Gallardo police car used by the Italian state police for emergencies was the fastest police car in the world, yet at the Essen Auto Show a German police car is being shown and it too claims to be the fastest police car in the world with a top speed of 362.4 kilometres per hour.

The car is a Brabus Rocket, the car based on a Mercedes Benz CLS but with added power and up rated gearbox, brakes and more or less everything else, the car may have the body or the Mercedes Benz CLS but that is where the similarities seem to end, for this car performance is the key, and it does perform exceedingly well. But at a price of €348,000 ($437,000) can cars like this really be justified? The authorities and car makers suggest it is money well spent due to the lack of speed limits on Europe’s highways, however that is Europe of the past and now with the European Union handing out new laws and regulations you would lucky to find a stretch of road that actually has no speed limit on it.

Great car though.

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