With talks of a new S2000 hitting showrooms and despite the Japanese automaker’s release of the Ultimate Edition signaling the end of an era, there are still new car buyers looking for an affordable, attractive and exciting rear wheel drive coupe. Now this isn’t the best environment to be selling sports cars, but the Honda S2000 is such a great car that it would be criminal not to be able to buy one.

The other day Top Speed showed you a wild WRC inspired Subaru Impreza STI. Just like the aggressively sharp wedge shaped World Rally Blue hatchback this take on the future S2000 is equally as extreme. That is mainly because they were both designed by the same guy, he goes by the name Grid, but his real name is Lars Martensson. The Swedish artist is pretty handy with his 3D imaging software and is making quite a mark with these outlandish designs.

From the emblem in the middle of the grill to the headlights that slope back up over the hood, this concept looks like a scaled down Nissan GT-R. So Honda, even if you can’t justify manufacturing a fun to drive rear wheel drive roadster anymore, at least make this car a reality, wrap this virtual sheet metal around a high revving Honda engine with VTEC. A Definitive Edition concept would do just fine.


Source: Autoblog

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  (859) posted on 01.11.2010

if this will be the future honda, no doubt it will be the best looking 2 seater sports car of honda, and the most aggressive and sportry car.

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