Toreros come and go, as do the bulls they fight. The Lamborghini Gallardo has retired from the arena after almost a decade in production, and now the Lamborghini Cabrera, or whatever the final production name ends up being, is next in line to replace the best-sold Lamborghini to date. Spy shots of the upcoming bull are all over the Internet, and now, for the first time, an Italian magazine has published what could be photos of the production Cabrera.

Although we can’t confirm these to be of the actual supercar, the designers are worthy of praise for giving us a glimpse of what could be the next Lamborghini model in the December issue of Quattroruote magazine. If these images are just digital renders, then the artists deserve loads of credit.

With these supposedly leaked images of the Cabrera wearing a Aventador-esque dress in yellow hue, you do get a sense of a baby Aventador — just like all of the rumors are claiming this new model will be.

The sleek headlamp cluster has twin luminous strips in a "V" shape, The front bumper, with its large twin air-intakes, are also something you would expect on a Lamborghini.

From the side, the subtle similarities with the Aventador are more evident. Towards the rear, the horizontal taillight cluster and the unbroken mesh grille under it have been carried over from the past model, albeit with redesigned, contemporary look.

These images certainly look the part of real leaks, but with so many spot-on renderings circulating the Internet, we cannot say if these are real or not.

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Lamborghini Cabrera

Could This be the Lamborghini Cabrera?
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The new Lamborghini Cabrera which replaces the aging Gallardo will be a much-improved, entry-level Lamborghini.

The Cabrera is expected to be much lighter than its predecessor and will continue to use a V-10 powerplant to drive all four wheels. That said, rumors suggest, that the Cabrera could use a supercharger to boost power up to the magical 600-horsepower mark.

2015 - 2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Exclusive Renderings
- image 510753

Given the reduced mass and bump in power, the new Cabrera is expected to be considerably quicker to 60 mph than the Gallardo. A higher top speed might also be the result of a new double-clutch automatic transmission shared with the Audi R8. Speaking of which, the next-generation Audi R8 will also benefit from the development of the Cabrera, as It will be based on the baby-Lambo, much like its Gallardo DNA in the current model.


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