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We’ve seen characters come and go in the highly successful Fast & Furious franchise, but no departure was as emotionally charged as seeing Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor ride off into the sunset in Fast 7 after the actor was killed back in November 2013 from a fiery car crash that also took the life of his friend, Roger Rodas.

We’ll never get to see Paul Walker in any of the upcoming Fast & Furious films, but in a recent interview with ET Online, Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, dropped a bombshell that could shake up the entire franchise: Brian O’Connor could still show up in future movies.

For those who don’t know, both Caleb and Cody filled in for their late brother to help finish filming of Fast 7, Paul’s last movie before his untimely passing. The two brothers were instrumental in giving their big brother that emotional farewell scene in the movie, and now it appears that the Brian O’Connor could return, albeit in just a cameo.

The brothers admitted to being in touch with Paul’s best friend from the franchise, Vin Diesel, who, according to the brothers, asked them if it “would be acceptable to maybe bring Paul’s character back.” No details were spilled on how Universal plans to make that daring comeback, nor have there been any confirmations on the part of Walker’s family, green-lighting the perceived request.

The eighth installment of the move, Fast 8, is scheduled to hit theaters in April 14, 2017. Production of the movie has been engulfed in controversy stemming from a feud between Diesel and co-star Dwayne Johnson. For what it’s worth, a lot of people have pointed out that the feud between the two leading men wouldn’t have happened if Walker was still around. Maybe bringing back his character through his brothers is one of way of addressing that.

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Is it a good idea to begin with?

While I think that it would be a good to see Brian O’Connor back in future movies, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of it being bigger than a cameo. That’s where I draw the line because I think anything more than that becomes completely commercially motivated and that’s going to be a huge disservice to Walker, his fans, and the movie franchise itself.

If I was Universal, I wouldn’t do it to begin with. I’d keep that scene from Fast 7 as the last one we see of Walker and his Brian O’Connor character. It was the perfect ending that effectively closed the door to a tragedy that a lot of us are still coming to grips with, almost three years since it happened. Bringing O’Connor back would taint that image of seeing him ride off into the sunset as screen turns white and the words “For Paul” are shown. That’s how I’d leave it and no amount of money and/or storytelling potential will change my mind.

That said, I know what Hollywood is and I can understand why bringing the character back would be considered a “good idea.” It’s just not what I’d do because there are more important things in life than box-office success. Preserving Paul Walker’s legacy is one of them and whether bringing his character back is “respectful” or not, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

But that’s just me.

Source: ET Online

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