• Could You Stomach Watching Every Fast and Furious Movie for $900?

You’re going to do a lot of eyework, but it should be worth it if you’re planning to marathon all the movies anyway

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Fast 9 is speeding into cinemas this April, so expect full-blown marathons from F&F fanatics to start soon. One dealership in New York is raising the bar on the marathon-viewing experience by offering $900 to someone willing to put their Fast & Furious fandom to the test.

It’s not free money, though. The individual who’s willing to take the dealership up on the offer must watch all eight Fast and Furious movies and the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. From there, a series of tasks is also required, including sharing the whole experience on social media. Do all of that and you will take home $900 for all you trouble. Is $900 worth all that effort? It will be for someone who has enough time on his hands.

The lowdown

A lot of people who have plans to watch Fast 9 have probably started rolling out a binge-watching schedule to get them up-to-speed — no pun intended — on what’s happened in the Fast & Furious universe.

Partaking in franchise movie marathons has become a common occurrence in today’s world, and doing it with this eight-part movie franchise — nine, if you count the {Hobbs & Shaw} spin-off — isn’t out of the ordinary anymore.

But what would you do if you were offered $900 to binge-watch the entire library of Fast & Furious movies? Would you take that offer?

If you answered in the affirmative, you might want to reach out to Yonkers Honda, a New York-based Honda dealership that plans to give someone $900 to watch all eight Fast & Furious movies as well as the Hobbes & Shaw spinoff. It sounds like a simple enough dare, especially if you’re going to watch all the movies anyway. But as is the case with offers like this, there are conditions you have to meet if you want to go home with the cheese.

The things you’ll have to do for $900

First of all, you have to watch all eight Fast & Furious movies and the Hobbes & Shaw spin-off. That’s the first order of business. There is a condition, though, that involves you being required to watch all nine movies in the week leading up to Fast 9’s debut. Once you’ve finished watching all nine flicks — and assuming you’re still coherent after spending what amounts to almost an entire day’s worth in the company of Dominic Toretto and his familia — you are then required to fill out a worksheet for each of the themes you’ve seen. Then you have to share your binge-fest to the world, preferably through Facebook or Twitter.

You’re not just going home with $900

Could You Stomach Watching Every Fast and Furious Movie for $900?
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The $900 offer isn’t the only thing you’re going home with. Provided that you take Yonkers Honda up on its offer, you also receive a “prize pack” that’s largely made up of snacks and energy drinks. You also get a $50 gift card to see Fast 9 when it hits theaters on May 22. And you’ll be the only person to do this since the dealership’s offer is for just one person. All you have to do is reach out to Yonkers Honda and explain why you should be the one to go on a movie marathon of the Fast & Furious franchise for a chance to win all these prizes on top of the $900 payout.

Is it worth it?

For someone obsessed with the Fast & Furious franchise, getting paid to watch all nine movies, including Hobbes & Shaw is like being given free money. But for the rest of us who actually have lives to live, the challenge does sound too much of an ask, especially if you’re devoting what amounts to around 20 hours of movie watching in one week.

We’ll also have to work on a worksheet that sounds like individual summaries and/or actual reviews of each of the movies that we watch. Throw in the added time spent on social media and the $900 offer doesn’t look as enticing anymore.

What can we expect from Fast 9?

There have been a few trailers of Fast 9 that are already out there, and from what we’ve seen, the penultimate movie is going to be as outlandish as you’d expect a Fast & Furious movie to be. There’s going to be a lot of car chases, explosions, death-defying stunts, and a Dodge Charger hooked to a bridge cable, swinging from one mountain to another. You know, typical Fast & Furious stuff. Oh, and Han’s alive, too, and he’s driving — you guessed it — an orange Toyota Supra. What’s that about?

Source: Yonkers Honda

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