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The coronavirus pandemic is keeping most of us indoors. Several countries have established total lockdown in an attempt to limit the spread of the various and for our lives to get back on track as soon as possible.

Celebrities all over the world have joined the effort to encourage people to stay safe, including Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. The broadcasters who became famous for running the Top Gear show posted a video message through Drivetribe, their up and coming automotive platform.

Clarkson starts off the video by saying that even though he has spent all his life doing the opposite of things, he’s now going to listen to the authorities and stay put. He goes on to joke about having to stay in lockdown in a house with holes in it and just one chair, but claims that he won’t go out because he might hurt people that are "old and frail, like James May." "Let’s sit it out. It could be worse," he added.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Clarkson, Hammond, and May urge you to stay home
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Richard Hammond also filmed himself at home, while taking a haircut from his... wife. He also filmed himself while holding a dog because "that’s the sort of thing that makes people watch videos."

James May’s input is actually a short sketch of pure British humor. The video quality is rather poor and he didn’t even bother to set up a proper scenery. He reads a message in which he’s asked to make a video about working at home when he just realizes that he’s been slacking off the entire time. "Bollocks" indeed!

While this short sketch is somewhat funny, the COVID-19 outbreak is as serious as it gets. So we also encourage you to stay home until further notice.

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