• Cows have what to do with Rams? Dodge Rams

It has become something of a tradition at the North American Auto Show for automakers, particularly Chrysler, to do something spectacular to introduce and all-new model, such as driving a Jeep up the stairs and through a glass wall back in 1992.
Well, this January the folks at Chrysler, LLC want to introduce the Dodge Ram at the show, which is at Cobo Hall in Detroit. But, they want to do something that leads up to Cobo.
They want to drive a heard of cattle down Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. As in filling the street with cattle, like – as a source explained – a John Wayne western. Spokes persons for both Chrysler and the city declined comment, but informed sources say that no approval has been issued by the city to date.
Chrysler considers launch of the new Ram pick-up truck to be a matter of the utmost importance, particularly because it is one of the few new models in the company’s pipeline. 
Exposure at the Detroit show gets attention, because it is attended by as many as 6,700 automotive journalists from around the world.
Who, no doubt, will hope not to be trampled.

Ralph Kalal
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