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We all have our Uber horror stories, especially those that involve alarming surge prices. I’ll take a leap of faith, though, and say that none of our experiences are as astonishing as the one a rider from Toronto just experienced when he was charged over $18,500 Canadian ($14,400 USD) for a five-mile, 20-minute ride. That’s beyond astonishing. That’s outright ridiculous.

Craziness: Uber Charges $14,000 for a 21-Minute Ride!
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The company also said that it has already issued the customer a full refund

It’s hard to believe that something like this can happen, but Uber has come out and admitted that it did. According to the ride-sharing service, the driver made a mistake when entering the details of the fare into his cab’s meter. If you’re wondering why this particular Uber ride has a cab meter, it’s because taxi cabs in Toronto can be signed up to the ride-sharing service.

The company also said that it has already issued the customer a full refund. “There was an error, and we have provided a full refund, an Uber spokeswoman said. “We sincerely apologize to this rider for his experience. We have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from happening, and we are working to understand how this occurred.”

Uber did something right for a change, but it probably wouldn’t have done it if the story didn’t get public coverage. Twitter user Emily Kennard identified herself as a friend of the customer and said that after the customer disputed the charge, Uber didn’t back down from charging the five-figure fare. Ultimately, the company relented, issuing what sounds like a hastily prepared apology to save face.

To say that it’s been a rocky year for Uber would be a massive understatement. Between numerous lawsuits, power struggles with a former CEO, a sexual harassment scandal, and a massive hack that breached data of millions of users, Uber is probably happy that there are only three weeks left before 2017 comes to a close.


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