More strange environmentally friendly vehicles appear on the roads these days. The Cree SAM is one of them. Produced by a Swiss company Cree Ltd in 2001, Cree SAM is a pretty good looking vehicle, even cool if you think its looks like a cockroach is cool. This 3-wheeled environmentally friendly zero emissions vehicle powered by an electric motor is made from aluminum backbone chassis and independent front suspension with a transverse leaf spring. It also has safety measures like three-point seatbelts along with an integrated roll bar, and it weighs only 1,500 pounds.

Cree SAM
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The Cree SAM is powered by a 15kW motor that produces 80Nm of torque and uses for “fuel” six individual batteries which produces 168 volts. The batteries can be recharged in 6 hours (70% in 2 hours), and offer a range of just 43 miles. With two people on board (seats are arranged in tandem and protected by the air-filled, double wall, thermoplastic body) the vehicle can reach 30mph in 7 seconds, and a top speed of 53 mph.

This vehicle costs around $10,000 and is an option for those who want to drive around town and have fun.


Number of seats: 2, one behind the other
Drive: Electric, via real-wheel synchronous belt
Rated voltage: 168 V
Output: 15 kW from 1,800 RPM
Recuperation: Max. 10 kW
Torque, max.: 80 Nm regulated from 1,800 RPM
Type: Hawker Genesis G12 26 Ah 10EP pure lead-tin
C1 capacity: 21 Ah
Number per vehicle: 14 in series/168 V
Range: 31 to 43 miles
Top speed: 53 mph
Acceleration from 0 to 30 mph: 7 seconds with 2 passengers

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  (555) posted on 02.21.2010

Cool. I like the scissor folding sort of doors that it has. How flexible would it be I wonder on it’s top speed during a turn. Would it flip or something?

  (82) posted on 06.19.2008

i would like one of those, just for fun smiley

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