The Audi R8 is a fantastic road car by any stretch of the imagination with outstanding performance and handling characteristics to match. For this reason Creventic BV chose this vehicle as a basis for its new and exciting project.

With the know how and experience from people throughout the European community the first two Audi CR-8 have been completed and will be exhibited in Dubai where they will undergo the first tests. In the following months 4 more Audi R8‘s are to be modified for competition use by our team. The two CR-8 that are to be introduced in Dubai in January have only mild modification to the engine management system, even so remapping provides a staggering 430 hp.

Creventic BV based on the Audi R8
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The lower gear factory imposed power reduction has been removed to further enhance acceleration. In the future we will be looking at increasing the engines power output even further, only when we are sure that the power can be reliable increased will we do so. For Clients that have already purchased an Audi CR-8 this option will be made available as a retro fit.

In the future we will make more lightweight parts carbon fiber body parts available to further reduce weight and increase vehicle performance. As development take place over the coming period more options such as an extra fuel tank for endurance races, central wheel locking system and a sequential gearbox will be made available.

Creventic BV based on the Audi R8
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The time spent on the track at the Dubai Autodrome can be seen not only as a shake down but also as an introduction. Prospects and interested parties can of course contact us and where possible specific requirements as made by the customer can be fulfilled. First two CR-8 can be delivered in the beginning of 2008 provided there is no option given on them yet.

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