• Cringe As You Watch a Modified Nissan 240SX Take a Beating

Hoonigan’s game of Circle Jerks is back with two very different drift cars

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The folks over at Hoonigan are back to their old ways of abusing cars and destroying tires, not that anyone is complaining. This time they looked through their back catalog of hundreds of Daily Transmission episodes to revive an old segment - Circle Jerks. Only now it is being played with a heavily modified Lexus LS 400, and a 1JZ-powered Nissan 240SX.

What is Hoonigan’s Circle Jerks?

Cringe As You Watch a Modified Nissan 240SX Take a Beating
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Circle Jerks is a game that is essentially a way for the makers and stars of the show, as well as us, to get to watch other much more talented drivers do drifts in a circle knocking over traffic cones and landing wall-taps with the back of their car on a concrete wall.

The featured Lexus, driven by Vic Hernandez, looks like a hodgepodge of parts from other fallen Lexus models to create a true drift missile. Most of the car from the front doors back is black, whereas the front fenders and everything forwards are covered in a leopard-print wrap. The wheels are aftermarket but the rears are five-spoke silver rims and the fronts are gold ten-spoke.

The Nissan S13, piloted by Kev Shaw, featured in the video appears to be a much cleaner, more put-together build with even greyish paint, a matching body kit, matching wheels, LED lights with a big rear spoiler, and no leopard print in sight.

The rules are wild and carry the effect of having been thought up over at least one or two beers.

Cringe As You Watch a Modified Nissan 240SX Take a Beating
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In essence, there are six cones arranged in a circle with one gap in between two of those cones there is a wall of some kind. You drift your car inside the circle knocking over the cones with your car’s rear bumper, each cone knocked over is a point and if you knock over ALL the cones, you can nail a wall ride which counts for 1 million points. Otherwise, the wall ride only counts as one point.

The game is played between two players and there are three rounds and nothing changes between them other than the score.

The game seems to be over fast as the Lexus scores a perfect run in the first round whereas the S13 knocks over only 4 cones, leaving the first round score 1,000,006 to 4.

Cringe As You Watch a Modified Nissan 240SX Take a Beating
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The second round is much more even, with much tire smoke ensuing. The mightly Lexus hit six cones but misses the wall and the S13 knocks over 5. At this point the game is all but lost on the part of the S13, but then one of the Hoonigans mentions they can just instate new rules, such as smile bonuses, and anti-lag bonuses.

The third round ends similarly to the second, although the S13 puts in a solid effort revving the 1JZ and putting the anti-lag to good use. However, it is sadly not enough. The final score was 1,000,017 for Hernandez and his Lexus, and about 15 for Shaw with the S13.

Source: Hoonigan

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