Real Madrid’s superstar likely spent more than $3 million for the supercar

Much like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Bugatti Chiron is the kind of supercar that doesn’t need anyone’s approval. The fact that it’s super powerful, super fast, and very, very expensive turns it into an instant hit with car collectors. Yet Bugatti felt the need to get the seal of approval from Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Okay, I’m not exactly serious. Bugatti obviously doesn’t need Ronaldo’s approval for the Chiron, but it can certainly benefit from the massive attention he gets on and outside the pitch. After all, he’s been named World Player of the Year several times, he’s the reigning European Champion with Portugal, and winner of many titles with Real Madrid. He’s one of the greatest superstars alive, and he’s also a big sports car fan. All solid reasons for Bugatti to want him in its latest hypercar.

The so-called test video is pretty much of the commercial variety, lasting a little over a minute and being packed with special effects. In the end, Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace asks Ronaldo to give the key to the car back, adding that he has to call Bugatti if he wants to keep it. You’ll have to find out the outcome for yourselves, but it’s safe to assume that Ronaldo already paid for his Chiron and maybe even taken delivery of the car.

Not bad for an ad for a super expensive vehicle rated at 1,479 horsepower and all the luxury you can get, but I’m not sure Ronaldo is the best man to approve it. He may own several supercars, but he also crashed at leas a couple of them. He’s not the best driver out there.


Press Release

Just before deliveries of the Chiron1 start, Bugatti has requested a real champion to give the French luxury brand’s new ultimate super sports car a final test drive. Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, several times World Player of the Year, reigning European Champion, winner of many other awards and a great sports cars fan, got behind the wheel in Madrid to take a close look at the 1,500 PS supercar. His conclusion: approved after comprehensive testing!

Cristiano Ronaldo Drives the Bugatti Chiron, Takes it Home
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