This is what happens when someone wants a car that they cannot afford to buy, they make it. A Chinese Camaro enthusiast decided to transform his compact Chevrolet Cruze into something that looked more like a special edition pony car, the Camaro Bumblebee. The Asian enthusiast recreated the movie car’s looks by adding a pair of black racing stripes that cover the length of the vehicle as well as an aggressive lip spoiler!

The exterior was the easy part, it would have taken a lot longer to wedge the LS3 in between the fenders, however we are sure that this way, the car meets all the 2014 CAFE standards!


Source: Camaro5

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  (182) posted on 06.8.2009

Nice paint job. I’ve never seen anyone do it perfect. I really appreciate car enthusiasts who would railroad a project that is as great as this. If you look at the 5th gen Chevy Camaro and the photos in this entry, they almost look the same.

  (180) posted on 06.8.2009

Chevy Cruze has evolved since its first generation that was manufactured in year 2001. Although it is not as flashy as other cars manufactured by GM, its good enough to any Chevy enthusiasts.

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