If you are a fan of this steering wheel setup from CTA digital then you definitely have a serious addiction to gaming. The reason iPhone applications have become so popular is because they allow users to pass the time with a quick escape from reality and then put them away for a return to real life. The last thing that we can imagine any iPhone user doing, is carrying the box containing the rather large device with them incase they get the urge to play Need For Speed on their cell phone. Imagine pulling the flat rimmed steering wheel out of your bag and then suction cupping the base to the table while your boss blabbers on and on, it just won’t happen.

The only place where you should use this thing is at home where you won’t be embarrassed to break out your adjustable steering wheel, but if you are a hard core enough gamer to own this then you will most likely have a full-fledged PS3, plasma TV, Xbox 360 surround sound stereo setup, much better than the couple of pieces of shiny plastic that are going to get used a handful of times before it is lost to the darkest regions of some hall way closet.

Demonstration video after the jump.

Domnstration video

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  (571) posted on 12.20.2009

wow.. well that’s is a cool gadget, it’s just like having a portable wii but the only games you may play is NFS and some other Racing simulations.

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