General Motors will decide in the next three months if a coupe and wagon station version of the Cadillac CTS will be produce. If the CTS will have a successful start in USA, GM will come with two more versions for the car, in order to compete with the BMW 3-series.

GM already has produced clay models of these new Cadillacs. In the near future, it will decide whether to OK development, say GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor.

At the GEneva Auto Show, GM has announced they have plans to make Cadillac competitive with Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. They also voiced varying opinions about some Cadillac issues, offering a revealing glimpse of GM’s internal give-and-take.

As Cadillac enters the second phase of its revival, they must decide:

  • Whether to approve a long-delayed ultra-luxury car costing more than $150,000.
  • Whether Cadillac needs an entry-level model priced under $30,000. Taylor is reluctant; he prefers to keep the CTS as Cadillac’s lowest-priced car. Lutz says he is open to an entry-level Cadillac, but it won’t be the European BLS sedan.
  • Whether to keep or discontinue the front-wheel-drive DTS sedan, Cadillac’s top-selling nameplate. Taylor says he’s undecided; Lutz prefers to phase it out and keep the rwd STS.

Also GM has announced they do not intend to bring the European BLS - a front-drive car that shares parts with the Saab 9-3 - into the US market.As for a small rwd vehicle, "there’s certainly an opening, whether we choose to fill it or not," Lutz said.

Source: Automotive News

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