Currency Motor Cars has unveiled the first of an unprecedented line of supercars. This flagship model is an ingeniously modified a 2006 BMW M5 that can reach a top speed of 240 mph. This makes it the fastest, most powerful luxury sedan on the planet. It’s high compression V-10 engine has been brilliantly altered, by company founder Ron Cash, to accommodate twin-turbos and a custom, hand crafted inter-cooled system to kick out an astounding 810 hp.

Currency Motors BMW M5 - the fastest and most powerful luxury sedan
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No one in the world has been able to achieve this...until now. This is the only car of it’s kind. The mind-boggling power of this vehicle is complimented by the exquisite $100,000 alteration of it’s interior. The leather in the steering wheel is the same as the leather in the seats. Fully aniline dyed Florida Crocodile in black. Only the finest suede and leathers have been used, much like the old Delahay and Bugatti roadsters adopted in the 1930’s. The custom interior is all hand stitched, designed and installed by CMC co-founder Judy Amic-Angelo, one of the most respected product designers in the country. The car will be priced at $350.000 and will be limited to only 10 units.

Currency Motors BMW M5 - the fastest and most powerful luxury sedan
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  • MODEL: M5 E60
  • YEAR: 06 / 07
  • COLOR: Black
  • WEIGHT: 1830 kg
  • VEHICLE TYPE: 4-Door Sedan
  • ENGINE TYPE: High Compression V-10 
  • DISPLACEMENT: 4.999 cc
  • MAX POWER (bph): 810 hp
  • MAX TOURQUE (lp-ft): 733
  • VALVETRAIN: Four (4) valves per cylinder
  • SUSPENSION: Koni struts and dampers, H&R Coilover springs, lowered by 1.5”
  • BRAKES (front / rear): Fourteen inch (14”) rotors
  • WHEELS: Asanti 120, 3-piece forged wheels (20-inch diameter)
  • TIRES: Pirelli P-Zero Nero
  • 0 – 60: 3.6 Seconds
  • TOP SPEED: 240 MPH (est)
  • TURBOS: Custom CMC twin turbo design
  • INTERCOOLER: Custom CMC inter-cooled system (hand-crafted)
  • PRICE: $350,000 (USD)
Currency Motors BMW M5 - the fastest and most powerful luxury sedan
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pdaix  (431) posted on 02.23.2007

The turbo placement under the car right before the exhaust pipe is impressive and the quality of the job is impressive.

M5 bi-turbo.. Why BMW did not think about it smiley Now you know what will be in the 2012 M5.

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