There are plenty of gearheads chomping at the bit to get their hands on the next-generation GT-R. If you happen to be one of them, you’ll have to keep on chomping, because the new 2017 Nissan GT-R is now “more than two years away.”

That is straight from the horse’s mouth (keeping with horse metaphors), as Nissan chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura, is the man who uttered those words. The reasoning for the delay of the new GT-R contains two parts.

The first reason Nakamura mentioned that the current 2016 Nissan GT-R can get better. No, Nissan likely won’t make it much faster in a straight line, but it can make the model nimbler and there is a slight refresh coming in the near future.

The second reason is that the next-generation GT-R simply isn’t ready yet. In fact, Nissan is still working the kinks out of the drivetrain, as the team has yet to settle on whether Nissan’s supercar will feature hybrid technology or not. What is all but finalized is the design, as Nakamura mentioned that the new GT-R will be an evolution of the current model instead of a revolution.

This lack of commitment and limited styling change may disappoint some of you, but this may be a moment where Nissan decides not to mess with success. The Japanese automaker essentially prints money with the GT-R, as no matter how many times it rolls out a new model with minor updates and a higher price than the previous model, folks keep on gobbling them up.

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Why it matters

I honestly don’t know how much I believe Nakamura in this instance. Not that he has a record of telling lies, but I think he is building intrigue in the future model while maintaining demand for the current generation. On the other hand, Nissan has a great formula with the GT-R and sales are steady, but folks are anticipating big things from the next-gen car. Make them angry by mailing in a half-ass attempt to grab their cash, and Nissan can kiss the GT-R’s faithful following goodbye. Fine. Just make sure it’s worth the wait, Shiro.

2016 Nissan GT-R

2016 Nissan GT-R Exterior
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