• Custom Model S owned by Will.i.am is Brilliantly Wild

Craziest looking Model S we’ve ever seen

Will.i.am has been known for doing some pretty wild things lately, including that crazy laser and sound show with Lexus. And, let’s not forget about the crazy custom cars in the man’s garage. Some of the more recent models include the IAMAuto Delorean, a 2015 Lexus NX, and a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle that has been modified so much it is unrecognizable as the car it once was. Obviously, the man has a wicked taste for modified cars, and it should come as no surprise that his custom Tesla Model S is outrageously wild too.

Recently spotted in Beverly Hills, the internet is going somewhat crazy over this latest creation. Some journalists are calling it ugly and stupid. One journalist even said it looked like a “puffed up marshmallow.” Some people just don’t have a taste for the work and talent that goes into modifying a car, so we’ll let them slide… for now. Besides, their opinion doesn’t really matter because as far as we’re concerned, this is the craziest looking Model S so far, and it’s certainly worth talking about without knocking someone’s taste in customization options.

Since this is the first time we’re seeing Will.i.am’s custom Model S, we have absolutely no information to go by with the exception of what we can see in the video on Effspot’s Youtube channel. So, we’re not doing a full review of it at this time, but we’re itching to get a look at the interior and hear about other drivetrain or chassis modifications, so we’re definitely keeping our eyes and ears open. Until then, let’s take a quick look and see what we can make out so far.

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A Crazy and Unique Take on the Tesla Model S

Custom Model S owned by Will.i.am is Brilliantly Wild
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At first glance, this thing reminds me of the wide body kits that you could put on cars in older Need for Speed games. And, that’s essentially the big news here – the wide body kit. It’s wild and adds a whole new level of character to the Model S. Up front, the headlight units and the hood look to be unaltered, but everything else is fresh. The car has a whole new front end that includes a wide, black, grille-like structure that gives the car a smiling look. Down below there’s some wild customization work that gives the car a massive front lip and a thinner spoiler-like lip below that. Two small air vents are positioned just to the sides of the nose. The wide body kit is even evident from the front view, with inset body lines that run along the wheel arches and at least six extra inches of width on each side. Looking at it directly from the front, it really does look the car is smiling – in fact, it kind of reminds me of a fish, but that’s just me I suppose.

Custom Model S owned by Will.i.am is Brilliantly Wild
- image 686803

The fun continues on the sides with a wild cut out in the wide body kit along the doors. There is a huge cutout in the middle that is equipped with a glossy black insert. A new body line runs from the forward point of that glossy black insert all the way back to the rear fin. A small, recessed body lin meets the front tip of that glossy black insert too, really adding a bit of extra character. The wide body kit also adds in some imitation rear air intakes similar to what you see and rear- or mid-engined supercars. Rounding out the look on the sides are a set of somewhat plain deep-dish rims finished in glossy black – clearly far from flashy, it’s kind of surprising to see these here.

Custom Model S owned by Will.i.am is Brilliantly Wild
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Around back, there’s nothing that even points to this thing being a Tesla aside from the curved rear glass. The fin on the deck lid meets up with the wide body kit and is separated only by the seam created from the deck lid itself. You can kind of make out the stock rear fascia, but it’s flanked on both sides by that wide body kit. It looks like those air vents from the sides allow air to pass through the body kit as there is a vent between the stock rear fascia and the wide kit itself. The kit wraps around the bottom of the rear fascia to make up a lower rear spoiler of sorts – pretty wild. Even the taillight units have been replaced by a set of solid red units that resemble the top half of an “E.” I’m sure there’s still a stock deck lid under there somewhere, but you can’t really tell. The cutout for the license plate is now much deeper and more defined than before, and the chrome trim that runs between the taillights have been replaced with a red stripe that matches the taillights.

Custom Model S owned by Will.i.am is Brilliantly Wild
- image 686802

Unfortunately, the windows are so deeply tinted that even the sun can’t break through, so we have no idea about the interior. Knowing Will.i.am, there’s probably some pretty wild modifications going on there too, but until we get an official look, we can’t really say for sure. Furthermore, the car does appear to sit much lower than a stock model, but I don’t think there are any suspension of chassis modifications here. I think it’s simply an illusion created by the body kit itself. It certainly does have a low appearance to it, however, so there could be a few minor modifications hidden away. On another note, it’s quite possible that the electric powertrain has been modified. Upping the performance on a Model S with parts from the Chevy Volt to increase output is certainly a possibility, and I wouldn’t doubt it if the differentials were modified to allow left-wheel drive as well.

All told, it is a pretty sweet design and the coolest Model S we’ve seen yet. A lot of time, energy, and money clearly went into making this thing a reality. In all reality, it does kind of look like someone plugged an airline into the car charger port and inflated the body a bit, but I can’t knock the look – that’s what wide body kits do to cars. All of the other journalists and publications may be talking smack about the car, but I think it’s pretty cool and definitely a fresh take on the Model S. There’s nothing wrong with originality and the Will.i.am Tesla certainly raises the bar in that department. And, if you happen to stumble across this article, Will.i.am, please send us some shots of the interior or a mod list – we would love to know more about it.

Source: Youtube - Effspot

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