• Customers are Willingly Paying More for the Malibu than Camry

Customers are Willingly Paying More for the Malibu than Camry
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It’s turning the tables on Toyota: according to General Motors, the average selling price for a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, $20,954, is more than the average selling price for a 2008 Toyota Camry.

In fact, it’s $200 more.

The claim was made by Ed Peper, the general manager of Chevrolet. The price to which he was referring is the “transaction price,” which is the actual sales price, after taking into account any manufacturer discounts and incentives, as well as any discounts made by the dealer in the selling price.

Further glory is coming from “conquest” sales – sales to owners trading in a non-GM brand. Fully 38% of Malibu sales are to owners trading in a non-GM brand vehicle. Most commonly, the trade is a Camry.

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Peper commented that the Malibu is selling to a buyer with more education than the typical purchaser of the previous model, and is selling with higher levels of trim and options.

The prices at which the new Malibu are selling, according to the Detroit Free Press, exceed the typical prices of the past model by about $4000.

And, of course, the figures have one other significance:

If you’re looking for a used Camry, maybe you ought to check your Chevy dealer.

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  (133) posted on 04.29.2008

but it is not like all american cars have ratings of 5 miles a gallon...there are a few that can compete with those jap made cars.

  (1022) posted on 04.27.2008

Again T0626N makes a good point.

  (1022) posted on 04.27.2008

baddist, can you really blame the people for wanting cheaper cars with better fuel mileage?

Having an American car die can really be the fault of the people who chose the other brands? Wouldn’t it be the fault of the manufacturers for not builting cars that match the peoples need and pocket?

  (133) posted on 04.27.2008

well it looks like tiger up there is a toyota fan...no problem there...but ask why is the american car market in the toilet? ans: because we want to purchase accords and camrys and corollas and civics over locally made cars. if the american made car dies..thank the people who bought the jap made cars over their own.

  (47) posted on 04.27.2008

Ralph, did you consider the amount of Camrys sold v.s. the amount of Malibus sold? Put it to you this way, for every Malibu Chevy sells, Toyota will sell 5 Camrys. Guess which model of the Camry is Toyota’s volume seller? The LE model accounts for almost half of all Camry sales. Toyota sells more LE Camrys than Chevy sells Malibus. Therefore this survey is inaccurate.

BTW Ralph how much more are customers willing to pay for a Tacoma over a Colarado, Corolla over Cobalt, Camry hybrid over Malibu hybrid, Highlander over Trailblazer, and Sienna over Uplander?

  (1022) posted on 04.24.2008

Nice one, kingtiger. Besides this comment was made by GM and we all know how much truth their statement has. Why on earth would anyone trade a car as reliable as a Camry with the previous models to back it up against a car like the Malibu is beyond me.

But, hey, you know what they say. Theres a Su*ker born every minute.

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