Did you knew that many models starting 2005 have similar black boxes with the one used in the planes? These boxes record a variety of data involved in a crash, including speed, acceleration, airbag deployment and more.

If you did not know about that than you will be happy to find out that
automakers will be required to tell owners if their vehicle has this event data recorder.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said beginning with 2011 model year vehicles, automakers will need to disclose the existence of the technology in owners manuals.

The data recorders also will need to be more durable to protect the information during a crash to allow the auto industry to collect a uniform amount of data to help in the development of new safety regulations.

With more than 40,000 motorists killed on the roads each year, supporters of the black boxes contend they give investigators and automakers an extensive database that can help them design better vehicle safety features and improved roads.

Currently 64% of the 2005 model year vehicles have the equipment. General Motors and Ford currently install the devices in virtually all new vehicles.


Source: USA Today

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i think thats "planes"

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