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Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting Trolled Hard by Disgruntled Fans

Cyberpunk 2077 Players troll the game for its "By the Numbers" Campaign and its hilarious

Cyberpunk 2077 has been somewhat disappointing. In addition to not living up to player’s expectations, the game has been notoriously buggy. There have been literally zero updates on the open-world, first-person shooter for a while, other than the occasional filler content, across Cyberpunk’s social media channels. The game did come back to PlayStation stores, where it previously topped the download charts, but players are still waiting on those free DLCs and much-needed updates, said to arrive by the end of the year. In the meantime, players have found some consolation in trolling the game’s “Cyberpunk by the numbers” campaign.

The “Cyberpunk by the numbers” campaign comprises of that filler content we mentioned earlier, which alternates between short bios of random characters and the “by the numbers” content, giving random, mostly meaningless stats. It’s here, players started getting busy trolling the game (and its developers) for all broken promises, by mimicking the “by the numbers” campaign with their own version of it. We have to admit some of them are quite hilarious and make a lot of sense.

One of them, stating that “0.00 percent of players have ridden on the subway” refers to a specific part of the trailer where we see “V” – the game’s main protagonist – riding on the subway. Well, technically, you can get on it, but not in the way we were promised in the trailer. Not to mention, the part where you can shoot while driving – also not present in the actual game – perfectly illustrated with the “zero bullets fired from a player vehicle in the open world” stat.

In a sense, these are like Cyberpunk memes and, by the looks of it, it’s just the beginning. Although Cyberpunk will probably (maybe) become a truly polished product at some point, the damage is already done. Promises were made, but never kept, which led to the 900,000 strong community on subreddit, being disgruntled and thirsty for blood (figuratively speaking…hopefully). At the very least, we see some hilarious content out there, as players have come up with their own, arguably better, version of the “Cyberpunk by the numbers” campaign.

Source: Forbes

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