• Cyberpunk in Real Life? Here’s What Your Favorite Modern Cars Would Look Like

A Cyberpunk-like future might not be so bad if we have cars like this.

Usually, when game developers come up with a game that includes vehicles, they have to license them from manufacturers. Sometimes, game devs go around it by reimagining some of the cars or simply mashing up elements from different vehicles, making some unique stuff. Cyberpunk is one of those games. The first-person open-world shooter features some epic vehicles, from utilitarian, scruffy-looking commuter cars to exquisite luxury and hypercars. Regardless, their style has inspired more than a few people out there, which have created awesome renderings of real-life cars.

Cyberpunk in Real Life? Here's What Your Favorite Modern Cars Would Look Like Exterior
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We are not going to talk about Johny Silverhand’s Porsche 911 (930) Turbo, as that’s the only real-life car in the game. Instead, we’ll take a look at some renderings of a few completely different cars – from affordable hatchbacks to mid-engine supercars and even a double-decker and see how they would look if they were in the game.

One thing we immediately notice about all of them is what can be described as a “futuristic post-apocalyptic survivor” style they’ve been given.

The Cybertruck would probably feel most at home in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, with what appears to be a giant light-bar on massive rails and a ram-bar up-front.

Most of the windshield has been armor-plated – certainly useful if you go for the Nomad lifestyle in the game. For those who have watched Elysium, there was an R35 GTR, modified in a similar manner. We see a similar design for the Range Rover Evoque, which seems to be a “Cyberpunk Safari spec”, with off-set off-road tires and what seems to resemble a snow-plow in the front.

Cyberpunk in Real Life? Here's What Your Favorite Modern Cars Would Look Like Exterior
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Most of the cars feature aggressive wide-body kits and obligatory graffiti, suggesting that they may have been “saved” after sitting for a while. The Mini Cooper looks like a heavily modified mid-engine madness and somehow manages to be the cleanest one of the bunch, lacking any graffiti. You might recognize the last car as an Audi R8 with an external roll-cage and front rims without any vents suggesting that the car is in a V-max configuration. For some, the bus might be the most striking, as in addition to the graffiti, it has dynamic billboards, which broadcast adverts.

Cyberpunk in Real Life? Here's What Your Favorite Modern Cars Would Look Like Exterior
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Although these are renderings, it will be interesting to see whether it transitions into yet another wacky trend in real-life. We already have rat-rods, as well as countless “Hot Wheels” and “Mad Max”-style builds, so this might go somewhere.

Source: Bristol Street Motors

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