• Czinger 21C: Finally Bringing the Hypercar Crown to America

If Czinger can keep its promise performance-wise, then the 21C should be one mean speed demon

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As 2019 was drawing to a close, we predicted that 2020 will see a plethora of small carmakers taking a stab at the hybrid/electric supercar niche. And guess what: we were right.

By now, the name Czinger must have reached your eardrums and if it hasn’t, then you’ve come to the right place. Czinger is based in Los Angeles, California, and it grabbed a lot of headlines after announcing that it would come to Geneva with the 21C, a hybrid hypercar built with “the world’s most advanced production technologies,” under the supervision of Kevin Czinger, the man who designed the 2015 Divergent Blade.

Czinger 21C’s Introduction Video Is Movie Worthy

The Czinger 21C will sport a “driver-focused, two-person in-line seating configuration” or in other words, the passenger will sit behind the driver in the middle of the cockpit.

That’s pretty much the same configuration found in most fighter jets. Related to the advanced assembly techniques trumpeted by Czinger, expect a lot of lightweight (also expensive) materials like carbon fiber to be used in abundance along with 3D-printed bits and bobs.

There’s no word on how many 21Cs Czinger is planning on building, but our best bet is that production will be capped at under 30 units. If that’s the case, expect a price tag of at least $2 million, although we’ll have to wait for the hypercar to make its Geneva debut to confirm or deny our guess.

Very Impressive Specs - Hybrid Confirmed

Czinger 21C: Finally Bringing the Hypercar Crown to America Exterior
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As it’s customary in the pre-launch teasing game before a new model debuts, Czinger did drop a couple of performance-related numbers.

As things stand, the 21C packs 1,233 horsepower from a hybrid powertrain developed in-house by Czinger.

For the time being, we don’t know the pillars of the setup responsible for putting out this sweet number, but we’re guessing a vee-something internal combustion engine is definitely on the table here, perhaps assisted by two or more e-motors. If that’s the case, torque should also be available in hefty proportions, and AWD should definitely be on the table.

Czinger 21C: Finally Bringing the Hypercar Crown to America Exterior
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Another detail Czinger let out of the 21C bag relates to the hypercar’s sprint time, which is 1.9 seconds from zero to 62 mph. Yup, not a typo and more or less on par with both the initially-claimed 0-60 dash time of the upcoming Tesla Roadster (1.9 seconds) and the Rimac Concept Two, which will, theoretically, zap from naught to sixty in 1.8 seconds. Not bad, not bad at all.

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