• Czinger 21C Unleashed: 1,250 Horsepower, But Wait Until You See Its Top Speed

The 21C hypercar pumps out 1,250 horsepower by blending a hot-vee V-8 and electricity together

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are more than pleased to inform you that Czinger, the Los Angeles-based carmaker that caught our attention recently, has unveiled further details about its 21C hybrid hypercar.

The Czinger 21C will walk that walk in March, at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, and it will do it with a V-8 built in-house and a pair of electric motors. Oh, yeah, and it’s blisteringly quick and fast, and Czinger plans to build just 80 examples, each priced at $1.7 million before any packages or options. Stick with us for the whole plot.

A flat-crank 2.88-liter V-8 will spin the Czinger 21C’s rear wheels

Let’s start with the desert, shall we? The Czinger 21C will rock a mid-mounted 2.88-liter, flat-crank (sort of like the Mustang Shelby GT350) twin-turbocharged V-8. The powerplant adopts a hot-vee configuration (similar to what Mercedes-AMG and Porsche are doing on their V-8s) where the two turbochargers are positioned inside the valley created by the cylinder banks. It also redlines at 11,000 rpm.

The internal combustion engine is tasked with spinning the rear wheels. The front axle will be powered by “high-output” two electric motors assisted by a torque vectoring feature. All in all, the Czinger 21C produces 1,233 horsepower at 10,500 rpm.

Wait until you hear the performance figures

Czinger 21C Unleashed: 1,250 Horsepower, But Wait Until You See Its Top Speed Exterior
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Power is channeled by an “ultra-light” seven-speed automated manual transmission, which allows the 21C to burn through the 0-62 mph (100 km/h) sprint in 1.9 seconds and pull off quarter-mile runs in 8.1 seconds. Holy baloney!

But there’s more. Zero to 186 mph (300 km/h) and back to zero again happens in 15 seconds , whereas zero to 248 mph (400 km/h) and back to zero takes 29 seconds. If Czinger can back up that latter claim, then Koenigsegg Regera’s 0-400-0 km/h world record will soon fall.

For the sake of the bigger picture, the Swedish hypercar needed 31.49 seconds to accelerate from naught to 400 km/h and then draw to a stop, beating the previous record held by the Agera RS, which did the same stunt in 33.29 seconds.

The 21C will be offered in two flavors: a standard version and the 21C Lightweight Track Configuration. The former tips the scales at 1,250 kilos (2,755 pounds) and has a top speed of 432 km/h (268 mph). Yikes.

The latter is, obviously, lighter (1,218 kilos or 2,685 pounds) and has a top speed of 380 km/h (236 mph). The reason for that is the high amount of downforce it generates - 790+ kilos (1,741 pounds) - compared to the base 21C’s 250+ kilos (551 pounds) of downforce.

If that’s not impressive enough, know that parts of the 21C’s chassis are 3D-printed. Now how cool is that?

Czinger 21C Specifications
Model Dry weight Curb weight Powertrain Power to weight Downforce Top speed
21C   1183 kg 1250 kg 1233 hp at 10500 rpm 1:00 250 kg + @ 250 kph 432 kph
21C Lightweight track configuration 1151 kg 1218 kg 1233 hp at 10500 rpm 1:03 790 kg + @ 250 kph 380 kph
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