About the legend of Dracula you all know a lot, and there is no need to talk about this. But about a Dacia Logan created special for the Count Dracula that is priced at 45.000 euro, well, we consider it worth talking.

Dacia Logan for Dracula
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The Logan Dracula Edition was created by German tuner DeSwart. On the exterior it features a awestruck landscape, in the same way as the legend of Dracula. The painting was made on the entire body and also on the 18" wheels. No other modifications were made at the exterior.

Dacia Logan for Dracula
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On the interior there were made lots of changes and were made to improve the passengers comfort. DVD are incorporated in the antimacassar, the sporty seats have the shape of a shell, the upholstery is red and black. All this next to a latest generation audio system and lots of lights mix the legend of the famous character Dracula with the sportiveness and gadgets of a latest-generation car.

The big surprise comes from the carrier: it was covered in the same way as a coffin and a mini-sauna was also installed.


Source: TopSpeed Ro

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