The new Daihatsu Cuore is 3.46 metres long, has a kerb weight of 765 kilos and dynamic 70 HP: In this combination, the seventh generation promises pure driving pleasure. In only 11.1 seconds, it goes from 0 to 100 and sprints around every corner.

With the Pro-Kit Performance Springs by Eibach, the Cuore becomes the ultimate hero of the city course leaving all others in its wake.

The spring rate of the Pro-Kit, meaning that it becomes tauter the greater the spring deflection, ensuring good traction right from the start of the spring deflection combined with a reduced body roll tendency and a high level of dynamic load, lead to an overall balanced, safe driving behavior.

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  (23) posted on 11.21.2007

bet u it doesnt hit 100 with 4 people in it!

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 11.21.2007

ok i did sum research on this vehicle and turn out this car is The Daihatsu Mira (in english) is one of the lightest four-seat passenger cars in the world weighing just 580 kg (1279 lb). and it does go from 0-100 IN km/h in 11.1 secs surprisingly and 100mph is its top speed. (so no ppl it doesn’t do 100mph in less than 12 secs-that wud be insane)

badestofthebad  (111) posted on 11.21.2007

wat this car do 0-100 maybe in km but not in mph they’re pullin your leg they jus left out the km/h in the article tryin to swing us i guess.....nice try

badestofthebad  (23) posted on 11.21.2007

i find it hard for that lil go cart to hit 100. and in 11.1 seconds... the prius his 0-60 in 10... and pretty sure the prius doesnt even hit 100 id have to seee it to believe it

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