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Daimler Plots A Strategic Move To Strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class

AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class will soon be positioned under a new business group, and it could be a big deal

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Mercedes, as a company in general, has been on a roll lately – which is especially true when you look at its electrification efforts. The company now has the Mercedes EQA, EQB, EQC, and the EQS luxury saloon that will serve as a luxury EV halo car. The new EQ brand is obviously going very well, but what about other brands like AMG and Maybach? And, does the G-Class have a future considering the sudden shift to electrification? Well, as it turns out, Daimler – the parent company of Mercedes (and by relation, Maybach) – has huge plans, and this could change everything.

AMG and Maybach Will Soon Rep A Different Badge…Kind Of

Daimler Plots A Strategic Move To Strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class Exterior
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As of now, you know them as Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach. AMG is all about performance, obviously, and Maybach, well that’s where responsibility falls for the ultra-luxurious (and ultra-expensive) competitors to Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Mercedes and AMG have been in the news a lot lately, starting in April when AMG confirmed it was working on a high-performance EV. A month later, in May of 2021, Mercedes said it wasn’t going to ride the EV hype and instead would let the internal combustion engine succumb to a natural death. Oddly enough, a month after that, Mercedes announced it was accelerating its electrification efforts, and will kill off some ICE models sooner than expected. Fast forward to July of 2020, and now Daimler is looking to move AMG, along with Maybach, under a different name.

Daimler Plots A Strategic Move To Strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class Exterior
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Details are scarce at this point, a new report from Automobilwoche, as explained by Automotive News Europe, claims that Daimler will position both AMG and Maybach under a new business group. An official statement is expected to be made in September at the Munich Auto Show, but the implications of this move are much more important than the official announcement. According to the report, a company spokesperson told Automobilwoche that the goal is to streamline marketing costs within the company and strengthen the brands. It’s even considered an important pillar in its new strategy.

“We will not only maintain the independence, strong identities, and evolved corporate cultures of the individual brands, but also further expand and sharpen them”

As far as leadership goes, this new business group is expected to be lead by AMG’s current boss, Philipp Schiemer, however, this is obviously not confirmed at this point. Reportedly, Mercedes will still be in full control of both AMG and Maybach, but it does open the door to some interesting potential.

The Mercedes G-Class Might Not Be A Mercedes Anymore – At Least Not Above the Skin

Daimler Plots A Strategic Move To Strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class Exterior
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Along with AMG and Maybach, it’s said that the G-Class – you know the big, boxy, extremely capable, and fairly expensive SUV that hasn’t changed in decades – will be positioned under the same new business group alongside AMG and Maybach. There’s little speculation on what this will mean for the G-class, but it may soon be marketed under a new brand, and since it has little competition in the luxury off-road niche (and has a cult following, for that matter), it’s hard to say just what Daimler plans to do, but you can bet the G-Class will live on for a long time to come. There’s even a rumor that Mercedes is currently working on a G-Class EV, under the speculative name of EQG. There’s even a European Trademark to back up that rumor.

The Benefits of Positioning AMG, Maybach, and G-Class Under A New Business Group

Daimler Plots A Strategic Move To Strengthen AMG, Maybach, and the G-Class Exterior Wallpaper quality
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As of now, we know precious little about Daimler’s plans and just how it plans to strengthen these already striving brands. What I can tell you is that this will open the door for AMG, Maybach, and even the G-Class to be sold under a dedicated dealership that’s separate from other Mercedes products. This might not seem like a big deal on the forefront, but the G-Class, along with AMG and Maybach vehicles, are a cut above the rest, and that means that dedicated dealers will be able to give a better experience to those actually looking to step into that world. As for how long it will take to see the end game to this major change, that’s a mystery, but there’s a good chance that Daimler will move quickly and strategically to get it done fast.

Source: Automotive News

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