The 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is fast approaching - June 26th if you didn’t know! – which means that we’re going to be having plenty of time to talk about the cars that are scheduled to compete in the world famous race.

Of all the classes that are a part of the hill climb, the Unlimited Class is one of the most exciting, if only for the insane fact that it features cars that have one sole purpose in life: to break the 10-minute mark up to the top of Pikes Peak. Last year, only three racers entered the Unlimited Class, one of which being Paul Dallenbach.

This year, the Dallenbach Racing Team is – no pun intended – back for another go to break 10 minutes up the mountain, only this time they’ve got some help from Banks Power. Together, the two have prepared a car that now comes with a staggering 1,307 horsepower and 1,206 lb/ft of torque, a ridiculous spike in output from last year’s model, which came with “only” 745 horsepower and 650 lb/ft of torque.

The insane addition of juice to Dallenbach’s racer gives it as good a chance as anybody of finally breaking the sub 10-minute mark. If there’s a car that can do it, we figure that it’s going to be this 1,300-horsepower rocket.


Source: Banks Power

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  (340) posted on 06.9.2011

Wow, that one is definitely an odd looking car. But then again, with all that much power in the engine of this baby, you really won’t bother with the looks and just be amazed by its sheer power.

  (571) posted on 06.8.2011

I wonder why only a handful of cars are joining the Unlimited Class for this one. Well, maybe it is due to the fact that the cars here actually needs a lot more work than in the other categories.

  (831) posted on 06.7.2011

Wow, thats fantastic. I’ve been reading all stuffs about Dallenbach racing team for the past several days and it is really amazing to discover about its speed. Let’s wait for the results on the 26th.

  (541) posted on 06.6.2011

Wow!1,307 horsepower, feels awesome like twice as the Bugatti. However,
I think with the lighter version of this car it really makes the run faster.

  (474) posted on 06.6.2011

Although racing car is not beautiful I think at least it has a sportiness. However, for this car I haven’t see those thing though I have to admit that i was amazed with the speed performance of the car.

  (580) posted on 06.6.2011

I’m excited to watch this 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event.
I think these would be a very exciting and thrilling sport. Even I’m not very familiar with these kind of sports, I’m looking forward to watch these event.

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