“Damd Styling Effect” is a Japanese tuner that specializes in the transformation of your favorite Japanese cars like the Nissan G35 Skyline, the Mazda CX-7, and Mitsubishi Outlander. Pictured above is the tuned Nissan G35 Coupe appropriately called the BlackX Metal with - “Aston Martin styled” front bumper, side-skirts, rear apron with modified exhaust, and lastly “Damd DD-7 Forged wheels.” I don’t really think the “Aston” styled grill meshes well with the Japanese tuner car and the rims kind of remind me of an Audi A8’s, but I imagine the Japanese are really into these conversations. No word yet on the availability of “Damd Styling Effect” in the States.

Source: http://www.damd.co.jp/

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