• Dark Humor: Ford Mustang owner gets "COV1D19" license plate

Is this funny or not?

The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 has infected hundreds of thousands and killed more than 16,000 people as of March 23. It also created a global panic, causing businesses to either reduce their activity or shut down completely.

Needless to say, it’s not something you can joke about, but an Ohio man decided dark humor is the way to go and applied for a license plate that says "COV1D19." The plate is currently pending approval from the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles and if it’s approved, it will find its way on a customized 1986 Ford Mustang GT.

Dark Humor: Ford Mustang owner gets "COV1D19" license plate
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The vehicle in question was spotted on Long Shot Performance's Facebook page sporting a provisional "COV1D19" license plate.

The owner of this car reportedly came up with the idea at a bar, where he decided to call his Mustang project "The Virus." Identified as Brandon, the owner says that he came up with the idea before the novel coronavirus became a pandemic and that his heart goes out to those affected, according to Carscoops. He also hopes that people can get a laugh out of it. The controversial license plate was approved with laughter by Ohio’s BMV, but he’s still waiting for the normal state review before he gets a hard copy for his modified Mustang.

What do you think, is this license plate inappropriate given that CODIV-19 is a full-blown pandemic? Or could we all use a few laughs to get over the isolation and the upcoming recession?

Dark Humor: Ford Mustang owner gets "COV1D19" license plate
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Source: Carscoops

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