The Russian tuning firm, Dartz, does have a small flair for the over-the-top styling, doesn’t it? A few months ago, Dartz presented the CA$H.CAMO, a Bentley Continental that has an exclusive wrap that feels like a banknote. The kevlar vinyl had a camouflage color with a picture of a EUR500 banknote and was being offered with a bottle of RussoBaltique vodka. As we said on ourprevious review of the vehicle, you’d need the vodka after taking a look at what you had just purchased. But if this is the type of car that you would be interested in then you will be happy to know that Dartz will be presenting it at the Top Marques Monaco. So you can have another chance to take a look at it there.

Dartz covers the Bentley Continental GT in white snake skin Exterior
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Now, a few months later, Dartz has come out with another unique wrap for the Bentley Continental GT. This Continental is covered in a white snake skin wrapping. The wrap has a "special dust-mood-wateroff nanocoating" that helps keep the car clean all year round and covers every inch of the Bentley down to wrapping around the door handles. It may seem a little strange, but we would take the snake skin over the CA$H.CAMO any day of the week.

Hopefully Dartz’s wrappings will get better with age, much like wine, because we would hate for them to digress to the hideousness that is the CA$H.CAMO. Please just make them get better. We need our eyes to work and looking at horrid creations doesn’t help.


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  (815) posted on 08.3.2010

This car was made from the same kevlar fiber we use for our car bulletproofing – so we can tell that whale on hood is also bulletproof.

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