After being announced at the beginning of April, the special edition Dartz Kombat Prombron Monaco Red Diamond made its debut today at the Top Marques Monaco.

The special edition T68 Kombat comes with a plethora of bad ass features including gold plated, bulletproof windows and bulletproof 22 inch alloys, a tungsten exhaust and tungsten badging and gauges, white gold gauges encrusted with precious gem stones, additional Kevlar coating, a Rogue Acoustic Audio System, and of course the leather is made from a whale’s organ for copulation. And, of course, the interior can be customized depending on the customer’s wishes.

This enormous SUV is powered by a V8 engine and can hit a top speed of 160 km/h. The crazy guys over at Dartz have been able to create this bullet-proofed, gargantuan Lego car. We figure we can take a look at this vehicle when we visit our local Toys R Us and check out the Lego display.


Source: Autogespot

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  (406) posted on 05.4.2010

Who will not forget the super hardened luxury version of the old Russo Baltique armoured car by Dartz. This model features a Acoustic Features Audio System.

  (340) posted on 04.25.2010

The T68 Kombat really shows alot of good features. The design is similar to a Hummer model.

  (612) posted on 04.20.2010

I agree more luxurious than the Humvee but can do the same job as the Humvee, well IMO like other said I recommend this to Iraq for those high profile individuals.

  (417) posted on 04.19.2010

Well probably weight heavy, but good thing that they’ve already using a Kevlar instead of thick plate. IMO this is a good patrol car for PMC over Iraq and Afghanistan.

  (647) posted on 04.18.2010

So they slaughtered a huge beautiful creature lke a whale just so some rich idiot can have the soft leather seats. Only the scabby classless would want anything to do with this.

  (939) posted on 04.15.2010

Dang! It looks scary. I bet that this is the first of its kind. Better paint it in black and it will now be suitable for Law Enforcements or PMC.

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