Mark Rolston bought his ‘71 Z-car in 1996, and since then he has been slowly upgrading it for years, but in 2005 started to get very serious about it, and has transformed it into a serious track machine.

"I had the original L28 rebuilt, a roll-cage built-in, and many other race-prep changes. In 2005, after years living with bolted on fender flares, I had the car repainted and the fenders integrated into the body. It turned out fantastic. Late in 2005 I broke my L28 motor in a race at TWS. Time for a new motor. This time I went for a little more power in an RB26DETT capable of 1000HP."

"At 20lbs it’s doing 535hp. With 25lbs it’ll do over 600hp but for safety we’re leaving it at 20lbs. It’s more than enough power for a car this light."

Source: Z Blog

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  (4) posted on 10.22.2007

sweet "Z" and the engine was an exellent choice!!

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