The original Datsun 240Z is the sort of car that inspires deep loyalty among its enthusiast owners. The iconic first generation of Nissan’s two-place sports car was first introduced in 1969, and stayed in production for another nine years. The long-nosed coupe bears a passing resemblance to the Jaguar E-Type in its proportions, but established Datsun as a bona fide sports-car producer. The car itself has inspired cadres of fans as dedicated as Mustang, MG or Ferrari aficionados.

California car guy Greg Scott is a 240Z fan who’s gone above and beyond even by enthusiast standards. His 1970 240Z, known as "The Green Hornet," has been evolving for over 17 years while remaining true to the car’s original specifications and spirit, and the result is a modernized classic that’s capable of holding its own among much newer cars. This video shows The Green Hornet mixing it up with Corvettes and Porsche 911s at Laguna Seca. Though it’s track-ready, Scott’s car is impressive because it’s also street-legal, lacking the temperamental nature of many engines built for the track. The Green Hornet is driven to the track, towing its own spares, tools and fuel. Scott has retained the car’s sound deadening so the car’s comfortable enough for road driving.

Datsun 240Z

1970 - 1978 Nissan Z-Car: 240Z, 260Z and 280Z
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When The Green Hornet’s original engine suffered a broken crank, Scott worked with Australia’s Les Collins Racing to build a 3.4 liter naturally-aspirated straight-six engine. With the engine rebuilt from the ground up and optimized Mikuni 50mm carbuetors installed, this 240Z is pushing approximately 400 horsepower. Torque has been increased by an estimated 30%. A modified five-speed manual transmission gets the power to the road.

Scott’s posted video of The Green Hornet’s successful Laguna Seca run called "The Joy of Driving: My Heart & Soul." The multi-angle cameras capture the revitalized car’s performance excellently as Scott chews his way through the grid. It’s an impressive drive for an impressive car.

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