David Coulthard’s days as a top-flight Formula One race car driver may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean the man people affectionately call the “Flying Scot” can’t hack it anymore when given a chance to get behind the wheel of a four-wheeled speed merchant like the Ariel Atom.

Recently, Coulthard was given an opportunity to take the 350-horsepower Atom out for a spin at the Race of Champions’ Skills Challenge course. With Sunday Times Driving’s Will Dron riding shotgun, dear ‘ol Dave pushed the Atom to its limits, driving through the obstacle course with the ease of someone who has spent close to 21 years as an active race car driver. If he didn’t have that unmistakable Scotsman helmet on, we might have even seen Coulthard let out a yawn or two.

The affable Scot even spends some time smoking the wheels of the Atom as one is supposed to do when given an opportunity to do so. Coulthard may be 44 years old already, but his skills as a race car driver clearly hasn’t waned. It’s not in the caliber of the kids in F1, but anybody who can effortlessly drive an Atom around a pretty tricky obstacle course still has my respect.

Ariel Atom

2013 Ariel Atom 3,5 High Resolution Exterior
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