There comes a point when using irony, when you have committed yourself so fully to the premise that you actually cross back over into sincerity. This video depicts that exact moment. It is a music video for the song "True Survivor," by David Hasselhoff, which is also a tie in with the upcoming Swedish action comedy film "Kung Fury." The Kickstarter-funded film, which is being being made by a production company called Laser Unicorns, is an attempt at making the most absurdly overblown ’80s cop movie ever.

The movie certainly looks as though it will accomplish its goal, but this video pushes the ’80s theme so much that it actually just starts to make sense. The song is really absurd, but no more absurd than the rest of the pop music from 30 years ago. And David Hasselhoff singing it in front of a Lamborghini Countach with the sleeves of his jacket pushed up and the fog machine going just looks fitting. In fact, without the hilarious footage from the film in the video, featuring people riding dinosaurs and Adolf Hitler (also know in the movie as “Kung Fuhrer”), you might not even realize that any of this is a joke.

Lamborghini Countach

1973 - 1990 Lamborghini Countach High Resolution Exterior
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