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The electric car is becoming more usual on the streets so a group of Japanese companies in collaboration with the designers of Italy’s IDEA Institute decided that it’s time for an electric limousine so they build KAZ (Keio Advanced Zero-Emission vehicle).

It took them 5 years and $4 million, but they did it. This environmental limousine can accommodate eight people, has eight wheels, weighs 6,578 lb, and it’s powered by 84 lithium-ion batteries that can work for about 186 miles with a single charge.

I know that doesn’t looks so great but let me tell you something about the performance. It has 6 electric engines that power the 6 wheals that are used to turn the car, each engine produce 74 hp and 74 lb.-ft. of torque this means that this huge car can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 7 seconds; reaches a quarter-mile in 15 seconds; and has a top speed of 193.3 mph. That’s impressing, isn’t it?

D.E.A. KAZ – the electric limousine
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Vehicle Type
Fully electric, 8-wheel-drive, 8-passenger, 6-door sedan
Eight 6-phase synchronous Nd-Fe electric motors
Power (each) 74 hp
Torque (each) 74 lb.-ft.
Max Speed 12,000 rpm
Eighty-four Li-ion batteries
Voltage (each) 3.75V
Capacity (each) 88 Ah
(each) 7.7 lb.
Length 263.8 in.
Width 76.8 in.
Height 65.9 in.
Weight 6,578 lb.
0-to-62 MPH 7 sec.
Quarter-Mile 15.3 sec.
Top Speed 193.3 mph
Range 186.5 miles

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  (534) posted on 02.21.2010

Looks like a train to me. Anyways, even if it does really look like a train, it’s good that it runs on electricity. It’s not really ugly to me but they surely need some upgrades on the exteriors. Anyways, there might come a time when cars on the streets and highways will be replaced by cars that may look like this.

  (9) posted on 06.6.2008

the performance is not to bad, but it looks like....

  (37) posted on 06.5.2008

That is the most ugliest thing i have ever seen, next to the Tango T600

  (1022) posted on 06.5.2008

Thats not.......attractive.

  (82) posted on 06.5.2008

yes, you’re right, i don’t know why they spend so much money on making something so ugly, when they could try to fit an electric engine into a normal limo

  (5990) posted on 06.5.2008

I have to say that I am not a fan. Great for the environment, but ugly. It doesn’t compare to the gas gushing Limos.

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