• Dead BMW M3s Leave "Mission: Impossible 5" Set

    "MI:5" producers need to be in jail for assault on all of these M3s; I would have been happy to take one off of their hands.

Fans of BMW might want to look away. This car carrier is hauling off the smoldering heaps of badly bruised M3 sedans off the set of “MI:5,” the latest iteration of the “Mission: Impossible” series.

If you’re into car carnage, the images below depict what appears to be seven examples of Bavaria’s finest performance sedan heavily damaged, most notably on the front passenger side. Perhaps these cars fell victim to multiple takes of a single scene.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen BMW’s doing the unthinkable on set at “Mission: Impossible.” Cell phone video captured an identical M3 jumping down several flights of stairs in broad daylight along the streets of Casablanca, Morocco.

Also among the shots is a M3 fitted with an extensive camera rig. The hood-less car gives the film’s director the ability to shoot driving scenes with shots of Tom Cruise himself at the wheel. With all that extra weight, BMW or the prop designer likely beefed up the sedan’s suspension system. Looks like a skid plate was even added just aft of the front bumper.

Hopefully these were just unlucky test mules or pre-production M3s meeting a fate that ended in a blaze of cinematic glory. It’s hard to stomach brand-new iron getting bashed so mercilessly. Then again, BMW will likely make a sweet return on its investment by having the new M3 in the movie.

“Mission: Impossible 5” is set to debut December 25, 2015.


Source: motor.es

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