• Decade-Old Hyperion Finally Has a Hydrogen-Powered Prototype Ready to Debut

9 years, no car so far, and still a better track record than Faraday Future

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Do you happen to remember the energy company “Hyperion?” It’s not surprising if you don’t – the company was founded back in 2011 and mysteriously showed up on our radar back in 2015 when it released a darkened teaser for a very odd-looking car. Since then, the company has been largely silent since this time last year when more images started popping up on social media, just for the account to go silent once again (you can see all the images below.) Now, the company is back with yet another mysterious teaser, one that appears to show a revised car and the promise of a world premiere happening soon. Just what in the world is going on here?

What is the Hyperion Motors and What’s the Deal With This Random Car?

Decade-Old Hyperion Finally Has a Hydrogen-Powered Prototype Ready to Debut Exterior
- image 881516

First off, let me just come out and say that we’ve tried to brighten up the latest teaser that you see above, and there’s just no data hidden away in the shadows. So, unfortunately, what you see here is what you get. The picture isn’t that revealing, but compared to the last teaser we saw (shown a little further below), the car has been modified to some degree. For example, there’s a new spoiler on the rear (either that or huge rear quarters, we’re not sure which) that we didn’t see in the older teaser. Of course, it’s been five years, so it’s only natural that some things have changed. The old teaser:

Decade-Old Hyperion Finally Has a Hydrogen-Powered Prototype Ready to Debut Exterior
- image 881512

We were able to brighten up this image a bit to reveal a complete silhouette, but the car is still largely shrouded in mystery. It almost feels like there’s some Bugatti DNA here but with a weird twist of aggressiveness. It’s certainly interesting, but it’s not just the appearance that’s so provocative. For some reason, Hyperion Motors believes that Hydrogen is still going to be a thing, something most automakers have given up on given the advancement in battery technology – at least for now, anyway.

Decade-Old Hyperion Finally Has a Hydrogen-Powered Prototype Ready to Debut Exterior
- image 881514

Various reports from different outlets report that the car and its technology is being developed in partnership with NASA to deliver “some of the most advanced technologies on Earth.” while the company’s web page boasts something along the lines of “space-age technology for the road.”

Of course, at this point, I’d take this all with a grain of salt. Hyperion Motors promised a debut sometime in 2019, which has, obviously, come and gone. If a world premiere really is coming soon, either the New York Auto Show or Detroit Auto Show would make sense, but there’s no telling what can happen at this point. We’ll keep you apprised of any updates, but until then, you can check out the older teasers in our slider gallery above.

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