It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that with the current state of the economy, businesses the world over – including the auto industry – would plummet in ways never before seen in history. If there are any cars that are actually in demand these days, then they’re the few fortunate ones because the rest of their brethren have been sitting idly in showrooms.

One of the said cars that’s actually in-demand, so much so that it’s even got its own wait list, is the 2010 Toyota Prius. Despite having already beefed up its personnel in its production plants in Japan, the demand for the Prius has forced Toyota to open their plants 24 hours a day with the added benefit of overtime pay for its employees just to meet its soaring demand. Can you imagine that at this time? Neither could we.

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But that’s the situation Toyota is facing, and were pretty sure that while they’ve been working extra hard to make as many cars as possible, they’re not the least bit complaining about their good fortune. The demand has even reached a level where Toyota has reached out to bring in workers from other countries just so they can meet the demand for the hybrid car.

Auto sales are down – that’s not exactly a surprise to anyone anymore. But Toyota has revived a little something from last summer called a wait list – for people who are interested in buying a new 2010 Prius. According to a story in The New York Times, Toyota is running its Prius production plants in Japan 24 hours a day and offering overtime to Likewise, Panasonic EV Energy, the Prius’ battery supplier, is facing a similar quandary to make as many battery packs to put on the Prius.

While we think that Toyota’s dilemma is something that they’d gladly take over the prospect of having their cars accumulating cobwebs in showrooms, the ironic thing is, despite the Prius’ sky-rocketing demand, Toyota is still forecasting a down year for the company.

That’s what happens when times are unstable. Nothing seems to make sense and as a company that’s losing a boatload of money by the day, you’ll take any form of good news anyway you can get it, even at the risk of wearing yourselves out too thin.

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  (421) posted on 06.20.2009

I guess, the fact that the deman for electric cars casued this matter. The limited supplies of the nickel-metal hydride batteries have held back Prius production, but a new factory in Japan due to go on line in 2010 should break the logjam and create capacity for more hybrid models. Indeed, Toyota also plans to unveil another hybrid besides the out it is coming soon in 2010

  (314) posted on 06.20.2009

Prius is Latin for “prior” or “to go before.” By Toyota’s accounting, the 2010 Prius is the little car’s fourth generation. The prius Priuses include the first Japanese-market version, on sale in December 1997, and the U.S. derivative that arrived in 2001. The redesigned hatchback Prius debuted worldwide in 2004 and elevated the hybrid into a household word, an environmental declaration akin to putting a compost pile in your Jacuzzi, and a staple of celebrity driveways. But sales are really riveted to pump prices. They jumped from 54,000 in 2004 to 181,000 last year. As of May, the Prius was on track to book more than 190,000 sales in 2008.

  (116) posted on 06.20.2009

Demand for 2010 Toyota Prius forces Toyota to bring out a Wait List . In fact my wife and I are very excited about this car. Although Toyota has not yet announced the actual price, design, or specs of the 2010 model Prius, we just put our downpayment to ensure we get one of the first ones to arrive.

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