Few cars blend new and old design cues so perfectly

The Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera name traces its roots back to 1925 when the coachbuilding company was founded. Over the years it’s been instrumental in designing many vehicles that we now consider timeless classics (the Lamborghini 350 and 400 GT, Aston Martin DB5, and Maserati 3500 GT, among others). The company closed its doors in 1966, but the trademark was acquired in 2006 by new owners that, ultimately, tried to pick up where the brand left off all those decades ago.

Since then they’ve shown several excellent designs, but the most recent one to debut is also their best one since the company was relaunched. Simply called the Touring Superleggera, it’s a model based on Maserati Gran Turismo underpinnings and even has its 4.7-liter V-8 engine and gearbox combo.

It’s truly a beautiful car that blends the subtlety of car design in the 1950s and 1960s with sharper more modern shapes like really no other car out there.

There’s a quiet elegance about it, and it’s one of those cars that the more you look at, the more you see and understand what its aesthetic purpose was.

Looking at it, it is clearly not trying to be a sports car, but more of a laid back GT cruiser. However, the Maserati V-8 still makes one heck of a noise when fully opened up and it certainly motivates the car, although, realistically, it’s probably slower than some hot hatches you can buy today.

Denim Meets the 2018 Touring Superleggera on Jay Leno's Garage: Video
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But they look childish and just plain ridiculous with their fake intakes and flared wheel arches - this Touring Superleggera is just so clean and unfussy that it maybe should make some automakers that have gone down the overly aggressive styling path with their range to reconsider their decision.

There is elegance in subtlety in not shouting about what you can do, even when there would be plenty to shout about.

It’s a wonderful looking car and Jay Leno seems completely enamored with it too, while he has the car over at his garage along with its talented designer, Louis de Fabribeckers.

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