Turns out crime does pay. In fact, it pays a lot.

The movie title is “American Gangster,” and its coming to a theatre near you soon, staring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Mr. Washington’s character is modeled on one Frank Lucas. Lucas was, in the 1970’s, a Harlem heroin dealer. By Lucas’s own estimation, he was grossing about a million dollars A DAY.

Eventually, the feds sent him to prison – with a 70 year sentence.

So, ever the pragmatic man, Lucas promptly started ratting on anyone he ever knew, and got out 65 years early. It didn’t hold, though: he got busted again and got a 7 year sentence that time.

But he’s been out since the ‘90’s.

Denzel Gives Away a Rolls-Royce
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And Denzel Washington was so grateful for Lucas’s assistance in helping Washington play the role in the movie that, once filming was over, Washington gave – gave – Lucas, a Rolls-Royce.

Yes, crime certainly can have its rewards.

But, as a sidelight, so can being a movie star.

Washington got paid $20 million for the role. Twice.

Yes, he got paid several years ago when the project was cancelled just before filming was to begin – a so-called “pay or play” contract – and he got paid again for doing it this time.

He could afford the Rolls. Anyway, its probably tax deductible.

Source: imdb

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