Hands down one of the best episodes of Petrolicious

There are certain episodes of Petrolicious’ incredible web series that just hits you right in the sweet spot. This particular one counts as one of them because it shines the spotlight on the original Porsche 718, the open-cockpit race car that Porsche built from 1957 and 1962. Just as important is the man on the video. For those who don’t know, that is Derek Bell MBE, the iconic British racer who has won the Le Mans 24 hours five times, the Daytona 24 three times, and the World Sportscar Championship twice. That’s quite a resume, huh?

The episode is as much about him as it is the 718, or to be more specific, the 718 RS 60, the same race car that won the Targa Florio back in 1960. And as fate would have it, Bell had never raced in the iconic Italian race track until he got a chance to do it with the 718 RS 60. Truth be told, this is probably one of the most important episodes Petrolicious has ever developed.

Here you have one of the most iconic British racers in history and one of only a few to actually be bestowed with an MBE title for his contributions to British motorsport and here he is driving one of the most successful race cars Porsche has ever created. It’s the kind of episode that gives you goosebumps, knowing the kind of achievements both the driver and the car have had in motor racing lore. The fact that Bell was driving around Targa Florio only adds to the incredible story of this episode.

I could go on and on, or I could just leave it to the episode to steer you through the whole viewing experience. It’s 11 minutes long and if you make it to the end – as you should – you’ll realize why the Porsche 718 is so important to Porsche, or at least important enough to be revived in the guise of the new 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster.


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