“Cornering flat as a pool table’ is the prime attribute sports car people want in their automobiles, and must have if they have the slightest thoughts about competition.” the Grand Master tom McCahill said these words more than 50 years ago, and went on to note that: “sports car suspension means keeping the car on its four feet at all times or until the driver wants it to skid or slide.”

the true sports car is designed by engineers who spend more time thinking about the suspension than on all the other components put together. the goal is proper balance and a ride firm enough to allow control under any circumstance. there’s a reason why sports car people are smug. the man or woman who understands the prime factors of four-wheeled travel also knows that comfort has a different feel when it’s located in the brain rather than the bottom. a true sports car fights back to keep you on an even keel with the bumps in the road; and knows exactly how to resist the forces of gravity when rounding a tight curve.

Deronda SportsCar
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A true sports car has a center of gravity that’s almost underground. this provides balance which eases the job of the suspension and is seldom achieved in the socalled modern sports cars designed in Detroit. a true sports car can outperform any muscle machine if there are significant road curves involved.

steering is the third prime attribute of the pure sports car. if your vehicle is instantly responsive and completely controllable, it’s probably a sports car and you’re probably at least a little smug. a deep swerve is reduced to zip-zip by a quarter-wheel cut and a quarter-wheel counter cut.

the fourth feature is brakes. as a rough measure, a sports car can stop from any speed at half the distance and half the time, compared to your average automobile.

Brakes and balance, steering & suspension – that’s a sports car. and, oh yes, the engine. the better the power to weight ratio, the faster the sports car will go. and for some reason, fast is a key attribute for the sports car enthusiast.

Deronda SportsCar is a 1600 lbs, steel-tube roadster powered by an Audi-sourced 1.8-liter turbocharged engine, and features a Porsche-made five-speed manual.Thecar has a maximum power of 250 bhp and the officials promise that the car will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in less than 4 seconds.

Deronda will be assembled in Trenton (south of Detroit) by Autosport Development.

Deronda SportsCar
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